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AI's Markets

The AI team works to help clients bridge geographical and cultural boundaries.


In Turkey, one of the US Department of Commerce's ten Big Emerging Markets, AI has assisted US companies with greenfield power plant projects, and is involved in the development of projects to tap alternative energy sources. AI has prepared environmental studies for US TDA and EPA, and energy profiles for the US Department of Energy. AI has assisted metropolitan municipalities with environmental and infrastructure projects, and continues to work on development of various multinational projects in the telecommunications field.

Black Sea

AI played an important role in Russia's housing privatization and construction efforts. It has conducted feasibility studies in the Black Sea region for various industries as they make the transition to a market economy. AI assisted Ukraine in development of its energy strategy.

Central Asia

AI projects in this region have included project finance and privatization efforts in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and infrastructure and energy projects in Kazakhstan. AI was one of the first international players in the Caspian Sea environmental project.

Southeastern Europe

AI has been involved in reconstruction efforts in Bosnia, institutional strengthening in Albania and Macedonia, energy efficiency and power projects in Bulgaria, and has conducted a tourism infrastructure study for Romania.

Middle East

AI played a key role in the environmental analysis of a multi-billion dollar reclamation project on the Arabian Sea and was responsible for the planning and design of the Deira Sea Corniche development project in Dubai. In Egypt, AI assisted with the 10th of Ramadan City industrial development program.

North Africa

For the World Bank, AI has assisted in the preparation of an environmental audit for Tangier and conducted a coastal zone management study in Northern Morocco. AI was an active member of the Med Cities program.