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Artemel International (AI)

AI, based in the Washington, DC area with a project office strategically located in Istanbul and a network of independent technical and regional specialists, brings together the technical know-how and market and international financing expertise needed to make projects work. AI uses its extensive network of local and regional contacts in the private and public sectors, along with its knowledge of international agencies, to facilitate the project development process. Well-recognized for its ability to steer projects to realization, AI bridges the gap between international business development objectives and local project opportunities.

Bridging International Business

Artemel International's offices are strategically located in Washington, DC and Istanbul to meet the needs of its internationally-oriented clients.

AI's headquarters, located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, is well-placed for close interaction with multilateral agencies and internationally-oriented components of the United States government. AI's Washington office maintains close relationships with various embassies, international trade associations, the World Bank, IFC, and United States government entities including the TDA, OPIC, US Eximbank and the Department of Commerce.

AI's regional office, located in Istanbul, Turkey - an emerging commercial and financial center - serves as a gateway to the Black Sea, the Caspian, Southeast Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. The office provides clients with a sustained local presence and the project management expertise required to achieve results in emerging markets. To augment its own expertise, the office draws on the technical abilities and local area knowledge of a wide network of affiliated contacts.